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Terry Pratchett's 'Mort'

My graduation project. Using last college year as a chance to learn as many skills as possible, I had tried myself as a script writer (adaptation), director and editor as well as doing usual art depratment work.

5 different scenes from the book were filmed on sets built in Green Screen studio at Wimbledon College of Arts: Death's study and Cutwell's house.

Designed and directed by Evgenia Kalyabina

Director of Photography:  James Westlake


Gabe Gilmour as Mort

Georgie Matthews as Ysabell

Sorcha Verey as Princess Keli

Andre Dixon as Cutwell

Elliot Dean as Death

and Marc Sinclair as the voice of Death

Producer: Isabel Raphael

1st AD: Kim Dixon

1st AC: Jordan Mihailovsky

Gaffer: Andrei Croitor

Script Supervisors: Tanya Dudnikova and Jasmine DaCosta

Costume design by Carla Heron and Jasmine Reiner

Sound by Matilda Vidal, Elliot Dean, Wing Yung Ng and Sara Lizzio

Hair and Make up by Samantha Timms

Sculptor (Death Mask): Chris Campbell

Set construction/Set Decoration: Billy Minshull-Gardner and Evgenia Kalyabina

Edited and colour corrected by Evgenia Kalyabina

Special thanks to:

Jay Cloud, Alekko Batoctoy, Avni Goyal, Alice Cleland, Leon van der Meer, Julian Romanczuk and WCA Woodwork team